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Most forms of media in our society come with ratings are at the very least parental adversaries. The internet is a whole other story; sites don’t require proof of an ID out of typing in a birthday that can easily be faked.

Covenant Eyes is a software made by Ron DeHaas to help make technology safe by providing a proper way to monitor the sites our loved ones are visiting. The program offers a plethora of features that help you easily control how your family is interacting with the internet.

Protection On Multiple Fronts

Covenant eyes review Android install screen

Covenant Eyes is available for download on multiple devices to make sure no device slips through the cracks. Currently, you can download Covenant Eyes on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 & Up
  • Mac 10.10 & Up
  • Android 5.1 & Up
  • iOS 11 & Up

The app is easy to install and downloads within a matter of minutes. The set-up process is straight forward so that even un-savvy computer users can operate the program. Covenant Eyes also has a long-standing forum that has the answer to pretty much any hiccups from the program. Additionally, the supportive customer service team is always available to guide you for tech-related issues.

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

Covenant Eyes works differently than almost every other porn blocker in which not only does it block porn using blockers but it also has an important feature called Screen Accountability.

Screen accountability takes random screenshots of your device and can alert your accountability partner if it senses you’re watching explicit content.

The content on your screen will be blurred but the Covenant Eyes algorithm will be able to see what you’re watching.

We think this is a fantastic solution because there are dozens of ways that addicts have found to get around blockers so by taking randoms screenshots of your device, there really is no way to avoid getting caught.

Covenant Eyes Primary Features

Covenant eyes review Mac install page

The primary mission of Covenant Eyes is to guard your family against obscene material and help porn addicts to recover. To successfully tackle these challenges, the app has several different features to keep users in check. Covenant Eyes is a combination of technology and community to create a wholesome online experience.  The protection offered is the same across all devices and crafted to handle the download of apps on smartphones. There is even a bonus feature that helps control the content that’s being watched on Youtube.

Screen Accountability (New Feature)

This is the latest feature coming from Covenant Eyes, they’re moved away from solely using older technologies like VPN and have added:

  • Regularly snapped screenshots of your screen to detect images (All screenshots are blurred).
  • Artificial intelligence to scan images and detect sexually explicit materials and automatic reporting to allies.

All screenshots are uploaded to a Screen Accountability report providing samples of regular content vs potentially explicit content.

Get Support From Allies

The most significant part of the using this app is you and your support group. The app helps manage porn addiction by keeping you accountable. If you want to evaluate a potential addiction to porn take the test here.

To do this, your selected list of allies will be able to see how you’re spending your time on the internet. When you start to go into explicit sites, the AI will pick up on your activity and create reports that track the amount of time you spent viewing this material. The app will also take periodic screenshots that are blurred and then shared with your allies. This feature makes sneaking pornographic content on your devices impossible.

The activity reports shared with loved ones protects your sensitive information like credit card numbers. This helps expose bad habits without putting your personal information at risk. Every screenshot that is sent is encrypted by AES 256 bit encryption and sent over an HTTPS. The app never uploads the unblurred screenshots keeping the untouched explicit material on your phone instead of on your loved one’s devices.

Domain & App Blocking

Covenant eyes review Blocked website

Sometimes problems have to be cut off at the source. The program offers domain and app blocking. This helps by blocking any sites that are registered to have explicit material available. VPN and proxy software that allows users to get around blocks will also be restricted. VPN restriction is a significant feature that even most businesses have trouble overcoming. Safe search is a feature that keeps explicit search results from populating. It’s similar to the safe search already available from most search engines, but can’t be easily turned off. Additionally, there is a choice to block mixed media sites that have adult sections to them.

Safe search can help keep kids off sites that have been deemed too adult. It will keep your kids from accidentally stumbling on content that they are too young to view.

Enhanced Safety 

Covenant eyes review Blocked sie

The most important part of Covenant Eyes is the peace of mind it brings. The software can only be uninstalled by generating a code. Not only does this create more steps to remove the program, but it also alerts your allies that you are trying to remove it. To add more security, you can set Covenant Eyes so that only an admin can get access to the install code. Admin settings leave users with no way to remove the program.

When your browsing at home, you will also enjoy domain monitoring. This reviews a webpage to let you know how appropriate it is. The program will give you a rating based on everything from the photos on the page to the ads it displays. This provides each domain with a unique rating that you can access.

Timed Filters and Sensitivity

Covenant eyes review filter types

Covenant Eyes gives you the ability to limit the times when the internet can be used. This is set up from an easy to use control panel that lets you put in the date for the block, as well as, the start time and end time. This keeps kids off the internet when they should be sleeping or studying. To make restricting content easier you can use the built-in sensitivity filter. The restriction levels are as followed:

  • Restricted: Only approved sites can be accessed.
  • Everyone: Only child-friendly sites are allowed.
  • Youth: Sites with content appropriate for ages 10 and up.
  • Teen: Allows for access to social media sites and some violent games.
  • Mature Teen: Allows access to sites with some adult material.
  • Mature: Allows access to explicit content and dating sites. 

This filter can be toggled on or off at any time or updated as your child ages over the years.

Covenant Eyes Cost and Price

Covenant eyes review pricing table

Covenant Eyes is a paid service that you can try Risk-Free for the first 30-days. If you’re not satisfied with the protection, your getting simply email or call customer service within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund. Purchase protection helps families try out Covenant Eyes without the risk of loosening their money should the app not work for them. The two plans offered by the service are as follows:

  • Personal Plan: The personal plan costs $11.99 per month. This plan allows you access to all the core features offered by Covenant Eyes. You can also add premium features into your plan, to add an additional member to the plan it’s $2.00. Domain blocking and safe search are also an additional charge of $1.50.
  • Family Plan: The family plan costs $15.99 per month. This plan includes Domain blocking and safe search at no additional cost to you. This plan will give you automatic reports of your kids activity and restrict them to non-explicit content.

Plans can be adjusted at any time by contacting customer support. Additional E-books, videos, and guides are available to help users struggling with addiction.

Is Covenant Eyes Right For Me?

Covenant eyes review install page

Covenant Eyes is an easy to control program perfect for families that wish to protect their values. The app helps limit adult content keeping children from stumbling onto explicit sites. For those struggling with addiction, this app helps keep them accountable and can even block harmful sites that they spend time on. The interactive reports will let you see where your partner is spending their time at and also provides blurred images that the built-in AI deems explicit. Covenant Eyes helps to open up communication between partners for a happier life together.

Covenant eyes review guarantees

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Covenant Eyes vs Qustodio

Covenant Eyes is primarily a pornography/explicit content blocker and accountability solution.

Qustodio is an all around parental monitoring software like Bark that allows you to monitor and block explicit content, screen time, social networks, calls + SMS and a whole bunch more!

Covenant Eyes Alternatives

If you’d like to see our full list of explicit content blockers and monitoring check it out here.

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