NoFap Superpowers: List and Timeline of Onset

What happens when you quit masturbation, break free from porn addiction/PMO, and take the time to reboot your brain?

All sorts of good stuff! NoFap’s benefits can be so impressive that some people view them as practical superpowers. Here are the benefits I’ve personally experienced from NoFap.

A little background

I am a 27-year-old guy. My history with porn might be different than most guys my age. I got married at age 19 and was lucky/blessed enough to not discover internet porn until my marriage fell apart at age 22-23.

Soon enough porn use went from something I did occasionally to an everyday thing. As a Christian I was always pretty internally conflicted about watching porn, and I also realized how bad it made my brain feel. At age 25 I began trying to quit porn, and at 26 I learned about the NoFap movement and managed to quit it for good.

After several near-relapses I learned about sexual transmutation — how to transmute sexual energy into something more valuable. Sexual transmuation work turned NoFap into something sustainable. Nowadays I find abstaining from porn and masturbation pretty easy!

NoFap superpowers: what I experienced

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced from NoFap are shared by a lot of people in the NoFap community…others, not so much. Everyone is different.

It’s also worth stating that I personally experience more benefits from semen retention than from NoFap. What’s the difference between these two practices?

  • Semen retention means no masturbation AND no sex (or sex without ejaculation, which takes practice)
  • NoFap means no masturbation but doesn’t really prohibit sex

That being said, most of the benefits below are things I’ve experienced from both NoFap and semen retention. (I’ll elaborate on this in each subsection). These benefits are listed in the order that I experienced them, beginning with the changes I noticed first :

  • More appreciation for the little things
  • More confidence
  • Clear, glowing skin
  • Faster-growing hair
  • A deeper voice
  • More attraction
  • More motivation and inspiration
  • A newfound understanding of masculinity

More appreciation for the little things

Onset time: 1 week post-fap

The first benefit I experienced after first abstaining from PMO was a subtle one: more appreciation for the little things in life.

It took about a week of NoFap for me to realize just how enjoyable everyday activities could be. Whether it was driving around listening to a favorite song, watching an old movie, or walking through the woods, life began to feel vibrant and alive again.

This particular benefit has only gotten more pronounced with time. Life seems to get almost magical after 30+ days, likely due to dopamine receptors regaining their sensitivity.

More confidence

Onset time: 1-2 weeks post-fap

Increased confidence is the next benefit to show up in full force. I tend to notice this confidence kick in by the 2-week mark, and it’s typically a symptom of just feeling really good in general. It’s hard not to feel good when you’re 100% guilt-free!

Confidence doesn’t always increase linearly, though. It may increase and decrease throughout the 2-3 week period, especially if you’re going through a ‘flatline’ period.

Increased confidence is likely related to rising testosterone levels. Don’t be surprised if you notice a wide variety of benefits as your free T increases.

Clear, glowing skin

Onset time: 2 weeks post-fap

The idea that NoFap could make you more attractive is one of the most controversial ideas surrounding this journey. Some people claim it’s pure pseudoscience. Once you’re past the age of 25, they say, your looks rarely change for the better. Right?

Not according to many NoFappers – myself included. I’ve noticed my skin become significantly clearer and more vibrant from NoFap. While this benefit takes a while to kick in, it’s absolutely noticeable. After 2+ weeks of NoFap I find myself reliably getting carded for alcohol again. Don’t be surprised if friends and family tell you you’re looking healthy, too.

Faster-growing hair

Onset time: 3-4 weeks post-fap

This is another benefit that seems too good to be true…except it’s not. NoFap tangibly boosts hair growth, at least for me. I’ve noticed my hairline slowly improves on long NoFap streaks, too, and I’m not the only one who’s noticed such things.

A deeper voice

Onset time: 4 weeks post-fap

I’ll be fully honest here: I’ve had a quiet, almost childlike voice for pretty much my entire adult life. NoFap alone hasn’t been enough to make my voice deeper. On full-blown semen retention, though, my voice becomes noticeably deeper around the 4-week mark to really set in.

Rising testosterone levels are likely responsible for the vocal deepening many NoFappers notice, though there may be more to it than that. A book from the early 1900s, The Eye of Revelation, claims that this particular benefit is due to a sort of rebalancing of the energy vortexes, or chakras:

“Do you realize that when one has made a study of men‘s voices he can tell instantly how much masculine vitality a man possesses just by hearing him speak? […] The Vortex at the base of the neck has power over the vocal cords,” the book explains.

“This Vortex and the one below in the sex center are directly connected. […] Now all that is necessary to speed up these two Vortexes, along with the others, is to practice the Five Rites.”

In other words, sexual transmutation may lead to a deeper, louder, more masculine voice. This might sound like broscience, but it’s something I can vouch for personally!

More attraction

Onset time: 4+ weeks post-fap

Female attraction is one of the most talked-about benefits of NoFap. Heck, what guy doesn’t want to be desired by attractive women?

What I’ve noticed, however, is that NoFap doesn’t just make you more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. It makes you more attractive in general. After 4+ weeks of NoFap I’m more likely to encounter attractive women, respectful men, and promising opportunities. There’s something truly magnetic about a long NoFap streak.

There’s one potential downside to this benefit, though, particularly if you lack self-control. You might find yourself suddenly eligible to have sex with more women! If a monogamous sex life is what you’re after, you’ll have to get used to saying ‘“no”…

More motivation and inspiration

Onset time: 4+ weeks post-fap

I’m among the many fapstronauts that’s found themselves more motivated after a long NoFap streak. After 4+ weeks of abstinence I feel ready to conquer the world. (Or at least my personal goals.)

A newfound understanding of masculinity

Onset time: 4+ weeks post-fap

Many of us weren’t brought up with a father that taught us what it meant to be a man.

With the assistance of NoFap, though, I’ve found it easier to rediscover my center and realize what masculinity is all about. Today I feel more confident, more stoic, more steadfast, more kind, and more masculine than at any previous point in life.

Admittedly this benefit is a little difficult to describe. You may have to try NoFap for yourself to really get a grasp of it!

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