Nofap Relapse: How to Recover and Regain Your Mental Health

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NoFap might be great and all, but taking it from theory to practice isn’t always easy. Almost nobody makes it through a NoFap streak without facing temptation. It’s tough to resist the urge to fap when your hormones are screaming out at you to do the opposite!

While some people claim that you can go directly from PMO addict to fapstronaut monk, the truth is that this transition isn’t always a simple, easy, linear one.

The good news, however, is that with every setback comes the opportunity to grow. Here’s how to regain your mental health and confidence after a NoFap relapse. Keep reading to learn how to keep your NoFap journey consistent.

What is NoFap relapse?

First things first: what is a NoFap relapse?

The truth is that NoFap relapse can mean different things to different guys.

At the bare minimum, a relapse involves going back to PMO (porn-masturbation-orgasm) after first attempting NoFap. Others say that ‘edging’ or merely looking at porn counts as relapse. Either way, think of NoFap release as a return to the vicious cycle of porn addiction.

Don’t think it’s alright to edge, though. Edging can slow down your brain’s return to healthy dopamine levels. Sooner or later, edging almost always leads to relapse.

NoFap relapse: a teachable moment?

Alright, time for some good news: NoFap relapse isn’t the end of the world. Relapse can actually be a teachable moment! Here are the details.

Relapse = conviction

Porn addiction is a tough thing to break. Once you experience the benefits of NoFap, however, you’ll eventually come to realize that PMO simply isn’t worth it. And this becomes even more apparent after a relapse. Is 5 minutes of pleasure worth 5-14 days of guilt, low energy, and reduced confidence?

Whether you succeeded or fail, doing a NoFap challenge can change the way you perceive PMO addiction. And the longer your NoFap streak is, the more you’ll realize fapping just isn’t worth it.

A NoFap relapse doesn’t mean you’ve lost all progress

A lot of people get depressed and think all their progress is lost if they break their NoFap streak. Back to day 1, they think, even if their last streak was 100+ days.

While referring to a NoFap streak by its duration is common practice — and useful — it’s not necessarily the best way to think about things.

That’s because the neurological rewiring and rebooting that happens during a long streak isn’t lost in a single relapse. Many of NoFap’s most important benefits remain mostly intact even after a PMO binge.

How to move on from NoFap relapse (fast)

Long story short…a NoFap relapse is not the end of the world. If you release and momentarily return to PMO:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Don’t feel too guilty
  3. Restart your efforts the next day
  4. Take a break from keeping track of the length of your streak
  5. Consider taking a dopamine-restoring supplement

Point #4 above is probably the least important one. Some people really enjoy counting how many days they’ve been free from PMO for. Some people, however, can get a little neurotic at the thought of having to restart their NoFsp count all over again. If the thought of starting from zero gets you down, feel free to refrain from counting entirely.

It can be hard not to be depressed the next day after a NoFap relapse. Here’s what many people in the NoFap community have found helpful, however:

  • Quit cold turkey. That means quitting social media, installing a porn blocker, or even temporarily giving up your phone. Avoiding visual stimulation may help you avoid wet dreams, too. Whatever it takes to avoid porn use!
  • Up your discipline. Now is a great time to get rid of any of your top bad habits. Cold showers are your friend during this time.
  • Try sexual transmutation. Sex transmutation work can help you convert your high sex drive into high zest for life.
  • Try dopamine-sensitizing supplements. These supplements can help your brain get back to its pre-fap state faster. One of our favorite supplements in this category is Onnit’s Alpha Brain.

NoFap relapse: summing things up

Getting past the dreaded NoFap flatline and avoiding NoFap relapse doesn’t always happen the way you want it to — and that’s okay!

Think of NoFap as a journey, not a numbers game. Whether you reach a 5-day streak or a 25-week streak, you’re doing what counts: getting closer to mental, physical, and hormonal health. Good luck on your journey.

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