NoFap Guide for Beginners

A growing number of men are learning just how dangerous porn addiction can be — and deciding to quit porn and masturbation for good.

Abstaining from porn and masturbation is often referred to as NoFap. Its name might seem silly, but NoFap is getting seriously popular. Why? Because it works. Thousands of men are using NoFap to reboot their minds, regain their confidence, and revitalize their sex lives.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you start your NoFap journey the right way.

What is NoFap?

NoFap refers to going some period of time (usually 30+ days) without ‘fapping.’ NoFap calls for complete abstinence from masturbation, porn use, and PMO (porn masturbation orgasm).

People tend to use NoFap to ‘detox’ from porn addiction, sex addiction, compulsive masturbation, and other problematic behaviors.

But the benefits of NoFap go much, much further than that. NoFap allows subscribers to build up and channel their sexual energy, resulting in more confidence, creativity, and motivation in the process.

How to ditch masturbation and start NoFap

Quitting porn-masturbation-organism cold turkey isn’t easy in today’s age of social media and unlimited internet access. Breaking porn addiction requires consistent effort, and NoFap is a path you’ll have to walk one day at a time!

And don’t worry if things get too challenging. Taking cold showers, meditating, and breathwork practice can all make NoFap easier. These methods can help you get through the dreaded “flatline period” that sometimes accompanies the first few weeks of NoFap.

The NoFap timeline

It often takes 1-2 weeks for NoFap’s top benefits to kick in. You may have to use all of your willpower to abstain during this time, but don’t worry — NoFap gets easier as time goes on!

During the first couple of weeks celibacy is probably a good idea. Once you’ve been abstinent for several weeks, you can reintroduce sex with your wife or partner.

NoFap/semen retention: top benefits

The NoFap community has noticed something interesting: different guys experience NoFap’s top benefits differently.

While NoFap is far from an exact science, it appears that porn use affects different guys differently. Some men can watch porn and be seemingly fine; for others, even one-time porn use can be devastating. It seems like some people’s brains are more sensitive to porn-induced dopaminergic overload than others. Some guys can quit porn without breaking a sweat; others find NoFap extraordinarily challenging.

Regardless of how porn affects you, however, NoFaps’ benefits are very, very real. Here are 12 of our favorite ones.

1. Better sex

NoFap tends to make sexual behavior becomes more immersive, more enjoyable, and more loving. Without the influence of porn clouding things up, you might just be more content with your partner’s (more realistic) body.

2. Better orgasms

You may also find your sexual experiences much more intense. Having an orgasm with a loving partner will probably have you feeling like you’re in heaven! NoFap may also enable you to get past POIS (post-orgasmic illness syndrome). 

3. More energy

Masturbation causes your body to lose vital nutrients. It also reduced testosterone and raises prolactin in the post-masturbation period.

Stay on NoFap for long enough and you’ll start feeling what some describe as “life force energy” building up within your body. This might sound pseudoscientific, but it’s very, very real for those who practice NoFap for weeks or months.

4. Higher sex drive

Your sex drive will normalize at its natural level after several weeks of NoFap. You’ll likely experience less erectile dysfunction, too. Don’t be surprised if you find a newfound motivation to chat with women in real life.

5. More self-confidence

NoFap almost always reduces social anxiety and increases self-confidence.

Quitting porn allows your body’s dopamine levels to stabilize over time. As dopamine stabilizes and dopamine receptors become more sensitive, you just might start feeling more self-confident.

Just keep in mind that this journey to higher self-esteem can take a while. Some users notice it within a week, while others don’t notice it for several months.

6. The little things

Another benefit of more sensitive dopamine receptors? You might start to appreciate the little things again, like hearing a favorite song play on the radio or feeling the grass under your toes.

Many ‘fapstronauts’ report so much more contentment and bliss that they claim they feel like kids again. NoFap may very well allow you to regain that childlike wonder for the world that you once had.

7 .More self-control

We’ll be honest with you: NoFap is a battle. It requires saying ‘no’ to sexual urges — some of the most powerful urges of all.

If you can make it through that difficulties. you’ll come out the other side with more self-control than ever.

8. Better memory

Many people who take up NoFap say their memory begins to improve after several weeks. So do other aspects of their cognitive function! It’s not exactly known how this benefit works, but that hasn’t stopped it from being brought up again and again on subreddits and online forums.

9. A deeper voice

This is one of the most mysterious – and most sought-after = benefits of NoFap. It can help you develop a deeper, more masculine voice! This, in turn, can boost your confidence and help you attract women. Just note that some men need to do all-out semen retention/monk mode (no masturbation and no sex) in order to experience this particular benefit.

10. More testosterone

Testosterone is among the very most important hormones for men. Studies show that one’s testosterone levels increase by up to 45% after one week of abstinence. Your body’s levels of cortisol and prolactin may normalize, too, leaving you with a more anabolic hormonal profile.

11. Hunter eyes

This might just be NoFap’s most bro-scientific benefit, but it’s also one of the most impressive ones.

A significant subset of NoFap practitioners says their faces get more attractive the longer they’re abstaining. While not everybody on NoFap experiences these benefits, some of the potential benefits include:

  • Reduced dark circles
  • Improved overall skin tone
  • Increased canthal tilt (‘hunter eyes’)
  • More vibrant, clear, hopeful-looking eyes

NoFap: closing thoughts

NoFap might be hard at first, but its effects get better and better as time elapses. 

Think of its chronology as a sort of fine wine — the longer you hold off from the pleasure of partaking, the better things get. Many people use NoFap to segue into sexual transmutation; others just use it as a way to stay porn-free. Either way, NoFap almost always leads to self-improvement. Be sure to enjoy the journey!

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