30 Day Challenge

When I began my journey of education on the harm of pornography, I found myself diving down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

I was spending hours every night reading books like the Demise of Guys, Your Brain On Porn and browsing the internet threads and forums reading up on superpowers.

I spent years educating myself on the harms of consistent porn watching and masturbation.

With all this knowledge I would talk to those around me and challenge them to experiment by quitting to watch porn.

But I never tried to help everyone. Well, about a year ago I had a creative idea to help as many people as possible and thats how the Porn Addiction Test was born.

But that was not enough, what happens after you take the test, does one just revert back to their old habits?

How can I leave a larger impression on them?

So I created the 30 days to no porn education series.

Every day, for 30 straight days I will send you an email with a new subject, they range from how our dopamine receptors work, to the objectification and over-sexualization of women, to how journaling, cold showers, and walking will help you clear your head.

There’s nothing to buy, no sales, pitch, and I will only share resources that I fucking love.

If you signed up, I hope it helps you.

If this is something you want in your inbox every day, for the next 30 days then sign up below.

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