Best Accountability Software

If you enter any self development or mentoring relationship with someone the first concept you’ll learn about is accountability.

The act of accountability is to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and even better than holding yourself accountable is to have your friends hold you accountable as well.

When we introduce accountability – Or another party such as a friend, or group of friends that help us achieve a goal it can double or triple the ease of us accomplishing that goal.

If you want to kick watching pornography and you have friends who are watching over you we recommend the following softwares, we even have a few options that will pair you with a group of others in your situation and you guys can help each other move forward.

We’ll first compare the best accountability software and then we’ll review them individually, if you want to learn more about accountability you can scroll to the bottom and read more.

This guide is going to focus purely on softwares that have an element of accountability, we also have reviews of porn blockers.

  Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software
  Covenant Eyes Bark Accountable2You NetNanny
Best For Porn Addiction Smartphone Family Monitoring All Device Monitoring Affordability
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Blocks Porn Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screen Time Monitoring No Yes Yes Yes
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Types of Accountability Softwares

There are a few solutions that have arisen in the past decade to address the exploding issue of pornography addiction.

The softwares can be divided into the following…. categories

  • Community Apps: These services put you inside of a social organization where you’ll be paired with others and where you’ll discuss your progress and your mistakes.
  • Web Blockers: These will either block or attempt to block all sources of pornography in your life
  • Accountability Software: They will monitor your devices for any explicit content and share it with those that are monitoring you.

Best Accountability Software – Covenant Eyes

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

CovenantEyes has been around in the accountability app game for several years. The best feature they are known for is Screen Accountability™. It is their “patented next-generation technology” which really does redefine accountability. Without going into all the details, the basic concept of the software is that it runs in the background of all your devices and will take snapshots of your screen from time to time and when you are on questionable sites.

The screenshots are automatically analyzed, then processed by placing a really effective blur on them and then those blurred screenshots are included on an activity report for your chosen accountability partner to review. The blur is very effective and you really cannot see compromising images, however you will definitely be able to tell through the image and the website address if the user was on a pornographic site.

The CovenantEyes community is producing a lot of supplemental support material in order to justify the higher price. Free ebooks, white papers, and recovery guides are all part of their program and you do not have to have the app/software to get access.


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Accountability partners
  • 1 million users and counting
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports and tracking
  • Up to 10 users per account
  • Unlimited devices


  • One of the higher monthly subscriptions
  • Some negative reviews based on user experiences
  • Does not have a support group style app

Get Covenant Eyes Free for 30 Days

Bark – Best for Parents

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

First thing to note about Bark is that it is not a porn blocker. Bark is a monitoring software for parents to make sure that their children are completely safe on the their smartphones.

This includes social media, websites, email, TikTok and even Google Drive! (Be are that some features don’t work on iPhones).

Bark is unique in that it monitors over 30 apps and softwares that are popular with children and adults.

Bark also has a Jr. version for basic website monitoring and managing screen time, bark does not monitor desktops.

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software
A few of the apps that Bark can monitor.

Bark monitors social media, text and emails, screen time and filtering 24/7 and it sends you an alert when it catches something concerning.


  • Tracks over 30 apps
  • Great privacy only shows questionable content
  • Can alert you to porn, explicit language, videos, self harm, bullying, and catfishing
  • Only $99 a year


  • Can be a chore to set up
  • Some iPhone apps can’t be monitored
  • Only monitors mobile devices


Bark is affordable at and starts at $49 a year for the Jr. and $99 a year for the premium version.

They also offer a free 7 day trial.


Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

After Bark we have NetNanny, the older “Nanny”. NetNanny has been around for a longer time and doesn’t have that polished feel that Bark has.

NetNanny has a ton of more features however, with GPS monitoring, screen time, app monitoring and others all focused on blocking pornography.

NetNanny has a more limited privacy function, in that you can monitor all your childrens searches and doesn’t only alert you to questionable interactions.

The support is quite good with live chats and a phone line that can help you set up the software.


  • Kids can see how much screen time remains
  • Parents can access via phone or PC
  • Parents can lock phones remotely
  • Most affordable option at $54/year for 5 devices


  • Does not monitor for predators and social media



Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

Our fourth choice is Accountable2You, a simple screen accountability program that features real-time habit management tools.

The app is easy to set up across a variety of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, Windows, and Linux computers.

What’s great about this software is that it allows users to assign different partners to each individual device within a single price plan.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay for the software multiple times if you want multiple family members to use it.

Much like any other screen accountability program, Accountable2You sends out weekly usage reports and instant notifications to your accountability partners.

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

However, what makes this program unique is that it also generates precise hourly reports that your partner can check out at any time on an online dashboard. That way, they can take instant action if they notice your screen usage is heading in the wrong direction. It is important to mention that this software only tracks internet activity and doesn’t have the ability to block sites and content.


  • Simplest setup and features
  • Can monitor device locations
  • Monitors app usages
  • Free trial
  • GPS tracking of users
  • Weekly reports


  • No privacy for users
  • Uses keyword monitoring, not visual cues

X3 Watch

Next up is X3 Watch, an accountability software that offers effective self-improvement tools. It allows users to send their tracked activity reports to anyone who will hold them accountable for their actions. Unlike other programs, X3 Watch offers an online video workshop where you can learn more about the software as well as get help on your way to beating a screen addiction.

X3 Watch is very easy to use, even if you have no experience with programs of this kind. It provides a simple yet detailed report and sends instant alerts to your selected accountability partners. Interestingly, this app sends automatic emails to those who hold you accountable in case you try to change account settings or delete the software.

Unfortunately X3 Watch falls flat on a number of places. It’s more expensive than Covenant Eyes, it does not have individual reports, it’s dated, even the website gives off an older vibe.


  • Simple solution to monitor a friend


  • Pricey, more expensive than the others
  • Dated
  • No individual reports for multiple users
  • Run by a religious organization

Ever Accountable

This functions like X3 Watch and is limited in its usefulness. Ever Accountable monitors your history and allows you to assign an accountability partner to view what you’ve been browsing.


  • None



  • Pricey
  • Dated
  • No individual reports for multiple users
  • Only monitors browsing history

Best Accountability Apps

Apps are a whole different ballgame because they don’t focus on blocking pornography, they focus on supporting you through your journey with community and rely on your own ability to set up a blocker of some sort.

Best Support Group – Brainbuddy

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software

Brainbuddy is in a league of its own. As far as UX goes, this app is beautiful. The on-boarding process is extremely helpful and really breaks down the detriments of porn in the best way I’ve seen yet.

It’s loaded with features. As soon as you download you’re prompted with an assessment that will rate your addiction level out of 100 percent. Once you’re in there is a daily calendar and every user is joined with a few other users where you guys can discuss your breakthroughs and challenges.

Unique to BrainBuddy is it’s “Rewiring” tracker. This app actually tells you, based on your assessment and utilization of the app, how much your brain is rewired. This is a vital component to recovering from porn addiction. For more information on the importance of “Rewiring Your Brain” check out our resources HERE.


  • Brain re-wiring tracker
  • Daily check-in prompts to check your mood and progress
  • “Missions” and “Quests” to help you on your journey
  • A lot of scientific research that supports they way they help heal your unhealthy patterns


  • Monthly subscription
  • Android app is buggy



Image result for fortify app

This is strictly a support app, if you’re looking for a porn blocker then check out Covenant Eyes.

Fortify has been developed by the same founder of Fight the New Drug (FTND), they’ve been around since 2009 educating people about the dangers of pornography, so they know what they’re talking about.

The app shines with support groups and resources. When you download the app you’re given an entire walkthrough of all its features and available resources.

The app has a calendar tracker and a ton of motivational materials and questions like What would you like your grandchildren to say about you?

The visuals really reminded us of the app Headspace, it’s that good.


  • Training weeks
  • Community forums
  • 50,000 active users
  • Daily tracker
  • Free scholarships for students
  • No block


  • Does not include porn blocking software
  • Monthly subscription

Best Free Accountability Software


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