5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

If you enter any self development or mentoring relationship with someone the first concept you’ll learn about is accountability.

The act of accountability is to hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and even better than holding yourself accountable is to have your friends hold you accountable as well.

When we introduce accountability – Or another party such as a friend, or group of friends that help us achieve a goal it can double or triple the ease of us accomplishing that goal.

If you want to kick watching pornography and you have friends who are watching over you we recommend the following softwares, we even have a few options that will pair you with a group of others in your situation and you guys can help each other move forward.

We’ll first compare the best accountability software and then we’ll review them individually, if you want to learn more about accountability you can scroll to the bottom and read more.

This guide is going to focus purely on softwares that have an element of accountability, we also have reviews of porn blockers.

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps
1Our Top Accountability Pick
Covenant Eyes
  • Accountability + Filtering
  • Uses top level VPN filtering
  • Most affordable
  • Great support + 30 Day Trial
Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps
2Best for Younger Kids
  • Full family monitoring + Filtering
  • Location monitoring
  • 7 Day Trial
  • Only available in the US
Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps
3Covenant Eyes Alternative
  • Screen time monitoring + Filtering
  • 10 Day Trial
Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps
4Best App for Mobile
  • Mobile app accountability + Community
  • Filters
  • iOS and Android

Types of Accountability Softwares

There are a few solutions that have arisen in the past decade to address the exploding issue of pornography addiction.

The softwares can be divided into the following…. categories

  • Community Apps: These services put you inside of a social organization where you’ll be paired with others and where you’ll discuss your progress and your mistakes.
  • Web Blockers: These will either block or attempt to block all sources of pornography in your life
  • Accountability Software: They will monitor your devices for any explicit content and share it with those that are monitoring you.

Best Accountability Software – Covenant Eyes (Mac, iOS, Windows, Android)

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

Our first choice out of four best porn blockers is Covenant Eyes. This program was primarily designed for families, even though it can be used by individuals for single activity tracking as well. Covenant Eyes helps reduce screen time and remove unwanted content from your daily lives. It is a great tool for parents to control their child’s internet usage and set up bedtime restrictions.

CovenantEyes has been around in the accountability app game for several years. The best feature they are known for is Screen Accountability™. It is their “patented next-generation technology” which really does redefine accountability. Without going into all the details, the basic concept of the software is that it runs in the background of all your devices and will take snapshots of your screen from time to time and when you are on questionable sites.

The screenshots are automatically analyzed, then processed by placing a really effective blur on them and then those blurred screenshots are included on an activity report for your chosen accountability partner to review. The blur is very effective and you really cannot see compromising images, however you will definitely be able to tell through the image and the website address if the user was on a pornographic site.

The CovenantEyes community is producing a lot of supplemental support material in order to justify the higher price. Free ebooks, white papers, and recovery guides are all part of their program and you do not have to have the app/software to get access.

Watch Our Review by Our Lead Coach Eric

Users can put blocks on any site they find harmful or addictive. At the end of each week, Covenant Eyes provides a detailed and comprehensive report. If you choose to activate the interpersonal accountability feature, your reports will be sent to the chosen accountability partner.

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

The app allows you to have as many accountability partners as you want, as long as they will help you through communication. Moreover, Covenant Eyes is very easy to use on any device. It lets you create separate profiles within a single app to track every family member’s activities. The app also sends instant notifications if any user tries to access censored and blocked content.


  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Accountability partners
  • 1 million users and counting
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports and tracking
  • Up to 10 users per account
  • Unlimited devices


  • One of the higher monthly subscriptions
  • Some negative reviews based on user experiences
  • Does not have a support group style app

Bark – Best Parental Control Software

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

First thing to note about Bark is that it is not a just a porn blocker. Bark is a monitoring software for parents to make sure that they’re children are not getting involved with strangers and are not getting roped into dirty content on the internet.

Bark is unique in that it monitors over 30 apps and softwares that are popular with children and adults.

Bark also has a Jr. version for basic website monitoring and managing screen time.Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps
A few of the apps that Bark can monitor.

Bark monitors social media, text and emails, screen time and filtering 24/7 and it sends you an alert when it catches something concerning.

Bark is affordable at and starts at $49 a year for the Jr. and $99 a year for the premium version.

They also offer a free 7 day trial.


  • Affordable
  • They are versatile and work well on different platforms seamlessly
  • Helps parents in having better conversations with their kids by providing valuable tips
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring of activities on each device registered, from emails, texts, and many more
  • Provision of regular and up-to-date alerts just like a sentry would


  • Can be an arduous task to set up the app on iOS
  • Parents cannot directly filter their kids content as it is machine programmed
  • While gathering information, it may provide alarming alerts that scare some parents


Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

Our third choice is Accountable2You, a simple software that features real-time habit management tools. The app is easy to set up across a variety of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones, Windows, and Linux computers.

What’s great about this software is that it allows users to assign different partners to each individual device within a single price plan.

Therefore, you don’t have to pay for the software multiple times if you want multiple family members to use it. Much like any other screen accountability program, Accountable2You sends out weekly usage reports and instant notifications to your accountability partners.

However, what makes this program unique is that it also generates precise hourly reports that your partner can check out at any time on an online dashboard. That way, they can take instant action if they notice your screen usage is heading in the wrong direction. It is important to mention that this software only tracks internet activity and doesn’t have the ability to block sites and content.

Watch the Full Review


  • Simplest setup and features
  • Can monitor device locations
  • Monitors app usages
  • Free trial
  • GPS tracking of users
  • Weekly reports


  • No privacy for users
  • Uses keyword monitoring, not visual cues

What About Porn Accountability Apps?

Apps are a whole different ballgame because they don’t focus on blocking pornography, they focus on supporting you through your journey with community and rely on your own ability to set up a blocker of some sort.


Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: 7 day free trial, $12.99/month

Available for: iOS, Android

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

REMOJO is a porn blocking and accountability software designed to help people eliminate an addiction attached to porn from their life – to help them free their minds, refocus on their goals, and reclaim their clean, free, and sane minds.

REMOJO aids in the fight against porn addiction by utilizing a unique combination of porn blockers to eliminate the content from their screen, with an array of personal development content for them to consume. It also integrates them into a community of people on the same journey to help them achieve their goals.


  • A strong, safe software that helps you filter porn from the internet.
  • Supports family sharing for up to six members.
  • PIN protection against tamper, e.g., uninstallation.
  • Added feature for a panic mode to help you stay strong.
  • In-built courses from professionals to help you stay focused and motivate you.
  • Feature to add an accountability partner who will be receiving alerts when you are about to fall into temptation.
  • Ability to block pornographic content and cut off their sources.


  • Incessant app crashes.
  • Can block all data usages, which might result in no calls or texts.
  • Some features might be incomplete.

Best Support Group – Brainbuddy

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: 7 day free trial, $12.99/month

Available for: iOS, Android


iOS 4.6 stars

Android 3.3 stars 

Porn Addiction Test 5 Best Accountability Software and Apps

Brainbuddy is in a league of its own. As far as UX goes, this app is beautiful. The on-boarding process is extremely helpful and really breaks down the detriments of porn in the best way I’ve seen yet.

It’s loaded with features. As soon as you download you’re prompted with an assessment that will rate your addiction level out of 100 percent. Once you’re in there is a daily calendar and every user is joined with a few other users where you guys can discuss your breakthroughs and challenges.

Unique to BrainBuddy is it’s “Rewiring” tracker. This app actually tells you, based on your assessment and utilization of the app, how much your brain is rewired. This is a vital component to recovering from porn addiction. For more information on the importance of “Rewiring Your Brain” check out our resources HERE.


  • Brain re-wiring tracker
  • Daily check-in prompts to check your mood and progress
  • “Missions” and “Quests” to help you on your journey
  • A lot of scientific research that supports they way they help heal your unhealthy patterns


  • Monthly subscription
  • Android app is buggy

What Is The Best Free Accountability Software? 

If you want to experience the best and maximize the potentials of these accountability apps, you would be advised to go for the paid apps. They all have a free trial period for you to enjoy and see the full options you want to buy with your money till the trial period ends and you have to pay for the service.

If you are on the lookout for cheap and affordable software that can help you limit your internet access or eliminate the amount of time you might be spending viewing porn, then “Accountable2You” is the app for you.

Accountable2You gives the power to the user to determine how hard you want your content to be filtered while also being strictly tamper-proof and having someone who can aid your journey by holding you accountable for your actions. You can try the app for free for ten days, after which you will be asked to choose between a personal plan of $7 per month or $84 annually and the family plan at $12 per month or $144 annually. 

Ever Accountable Vs. Covenant Eyes

Despite the similarity that we might think these apps have, t couple of things make them distinct from each other. They can be the same, but they offer different mechanisms to achieve one aim – helping people quit porn. 

EverAccountable boasts a relatively easy platform for any user while still working great and running smoothly. It’s easy to download and Install, has seamless background operation. It delivers highly tamper-proof, detailed, and easy-to-understand reports on all content and screen time consumed on the device.

On the other hand, Covenant Eyes sends reports based on the customization of the user; however, they are comprehensive as well. They provide a panic button feature that can be used to call for help and helps the user to cut off their access to the internet, which can only be reinstated when you call their call center. They don’t keep passwords, but they keep records of internet activities for up to 30 days.

Bark Vs. Covenant Eyes

The main difference that exists between these two apps is that Bark is a parental control tool for families, while Covenant Eyes is a software developed to help people control their addiction to porn and many other things while employing the use of accountability partners. Then which app is which? 

Bark is affordable and boasts of an award-winning dashboard. This is no surprise as this dashboard proactively monitors information sent through text messages, emails, over 30+ different social media platforms, and content consumed on YouTube. They scan for concerns that might hamper the potential safety of kids whose parents are busy, so they can rest assured of their safety while they are away.

As for Covenant Eyes, they provide device-wide accountability – capturing screenshots of screen activity for people who aim to live a porn-free life. It allows people to invite a trusted friend into their life and journey to living porn-free as an ally to receive their activity reports – screen activity, tamper attempts, and any more on their journey to breaking free from their addiction to porn. 

Covenant Eyes Vs. X3watch

Similarly, these two apps aim to help people who live with porn addiction to overcome it through the power of accountability to a certain trusted person. This can make them experience freedom from shame over this addiction, but they have some distinct features between each other.

Covenant Eyes employs the use of some tools to help people quit porn. These tools are classified as Monitoring, Reporting, and Blocking tools. With Monitoring, they monitor screens, browsers inclusive. Results are then sent in easy-to-read and understandable reports to their selected ally. This software also blocks content that might trigger pornography viewing through domain blocking, custom block, and allow list. There’s also a tool for safe search on major search engines.

X3watch, on the other hand, doesn’t provide any filters or blockades; they just provide a means for people to be held accountable. That doesn’t mean it does not come highly recommended in some circles. They offer detailed browsing, app, and uninstall attempts history, sent in a detailed report to an ally. These reports are sent clearly and concisely weekly to the selected partner. You won’t even know this app is working on your phone.

Ever Accountable Vs. Accountable2You

With the belief that accountability has proven to be more effective than filters, Ever Accountable does help people make integrity a priority. After you download the app, it begins to quietly take note of your browsing history in the background and send a detailed report of your browsing history to the trusted friends you have selected. This can help promote healthy viewing habits that stand the test of time and temptation in the user.

Accountable2You helps people guard and protect their mental health against the many forms of digital temptations with the endgame of fostering a peaceful mind. They provide detailed monitoring of internet browsing and device usage activity, coupled with location history. They send an instant alert in form of texts and emails to your chosen partner when temptations arise. They have an added option for customers to customize their triggers using certain keywords that trigger them and provide monitoring sensitivity.

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