Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

Remojo is a new software created by Jack Jenkins and the Remojo team. They want to help you with breaking your addiction. In this article, we’ll break it down and see who it’s good for.

What is the REMOJO App?

REMOJO is a porn blocking and accountability software designed to help people eliminate an addiction attached to porn from their life – to help them free their minds, refocus on their goals, and reclaim their clean, free, and sane minds.

REMOJO aids in the fight against porn addiction by utilizing a unique combination of porn blockers to eliminate the content from their screen, with an array of personal development content for them to consume. It also integrates them into a community of people on the same journey to help them achieve their goals.

Who Can Use REMOJO?

REMOJO is not only designed for people who want to break free from addiction but also for those who wish to maintain a level of focus in their day-to-day lives – relationships, faith, and more.

How Do I Set Up REMOJO?

Setting up the app is relatively easy, just as locating it on the iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.

  • The first step is to download the app onto your phone
  • After downloading the app, proceed to launch the app
  • Launch the app and click on the “SIGN IN” option
  • Performing the above action should take you to a page where you have to either SIGN IN or create an account. Click on “create an account”
  • Fill in your details (email and password)
  • Create your details and click “CONTINUE”

This action would take you to the page where you would see options to start your “3 – day trial period.” Here are the details of the trial period, fully explaining that you would be charged once your three-day free trial ends – you can cancel any time before the three days are up.

  • The next page takes you where you have to choose a subscription plan – GODMODE (1-year plan), REBOOT (commit for 90 days), or BREAK (monthly subscription). There’s also an option to try the app for an hour
  • Choose a plan that suits your needs, and you are good to go
  • Upload your avatar and state the reason why you have to quit ( this would serve as a motivating factor)
  • An option to commit “100%” is given with pin protection, which makes it difficult to uninstall the app. (Tamperproof)

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

  • The app requests permission to set up a VPN to filter web browsing and block your access to porn sites
  • An added option to activate “REMOJO BLOCKER” to stay protected in your web browser is provided. You can skip for later
  • You can share the link to protect all your devices by sharing a link

You are set to use the app to start monitoring your activities. There is an added option to choose an accountability partner who will receive regular updates about your activities on the internet.

Primary Features of The REMOJO App.

A couple of things make the app stand out from other apps that perform the same task it does. But, here are a few tools/features of the REMOJO app and how it utilizes them to make it unique.

  • Progress Report: The App gives you a report of your progress at each step of the journey, shows you how far you have come on staying off porn to achieve a clear mind

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

  • Porn Filter: There is a feature that blocks off your access to all porn sites, and it doesn’t stop at that – it also filters away grey-area sites and social media that may trigger the urge to view pornographic content

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

  • Mindset Improvements: There are inbuilt courses built by experts in this field to help you perform better on this journey to cleanliness

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

  • Community Fellowship: REMOJO allows you to share your thoughts and experiences with anonymous people who might have recovered or are on the same journey as yourself. They will be providing tips on how they overcame theirs while also learning with a listening ear

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

  • Commitment: Applying the use of accountability partners, who might be your friends or partners – with whom you can set bets and penalties for going against any objectives. Your accountability partner will be notified when you uninstall or unsubscribe from REMOJO. They will also be notified if you decide to deactivate the blocker option for any reason whatsoeverPorn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software
  • Panic Mode: If you feel the temptation becoming overwhelming and need help, panic mode allows you to get help from a partner to help put you in check. The panic mode also allows you to lock your device for a set period if you need to take time off your phone to escape from triggering factorsPorn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software
  • Extra Devices: As a part of your subscription plan, you can extend protection to all your other devicesPorn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software
  • Oversight Protection: This software detects pornography-related content on your screen, and a REMOJO icon immediately pops up to remind you to steer clear of the triggers
  • Uninstall Protection: Uninstalling the App alerts your accountability partner and requests a pin to uninstall. This makes it difficult to uninstall this app

How To Download the REMOJO App.

The app has been made readily available on the official website for download. All you need to do is download by choosing any of the platforms that support your device. Install the download, and you are set.

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

REMOJO Android Review

REMOJO, with a download size of 113.57 MB, the app requires an android version of 8.0 and higher to be able to run smoothly on your device and has gathered over 200,000 downloads since its initial release while providing constant updates. The app uses a host of features to prevent relapses, such as VPN, keyword blockers, and many more to ensure that you have a clean internet experience.

REMOJO iPhone Review

There are limits to what 3rd party apps can do on iOS with respect to their security policies. The app still runs well on the software with relative ease, as it comes with a 17MB download size, requires iOS13.0 or later on the iPhone and iPod touch – requires iOS11.0 or later on a Mac that has the M1 chip, available in English and Portuguese. REMOJO was designed with a user interface that encourages easy use, periodic bug fixes and improvements on the app, and in-app courses from Coaches who specialize in this field to make your journey productive and full of ease.

REMOJO Cost and Pricing

With affordability in mind, the app developers have curated different plans to make sure everybody who needs their services can get it – the greater your commitment, the more affordable the plan gets. The plans are monthly, 90 days reboot, and the GODMODE (annual) plan. The monthly plan costs $4.99 per month, 90-day reboot, which is the most popular plan, costs $4.33 per month ($12.99 in total), while the GODMODE, which is the annual plan, costs $3.99 per month ($44.99 annually).

Porn Addiction Test Remojo App Review: Accountability and Blocking Software

REMOJO Free Trial

To ensure you have a feel of the service you are subscribing to while reassuring you that you aren’t being ripped off, the developers have an offer of a 3-day trial period where you can try the app and its features for free during this period. While signing up before adding your card, you are given this offer. If you decide to opt-out before the 3-day trial lapses, you won’t be charged for the subscription. However, if you fail to cancel before the trial ends, you will be charged for the coming month.

Alternatives To REMOJO

There are various alternatives to REMOJO on the market. Here are some of them.

REMOJO vs. Bulldog blocker

This simple internet filter is straightforward to use. Simple yet robust, It blocks pornographic sites away from your view and allows you to block any app you choose while providing protection from various malware and phishing sites

REMOJO vs. Stay Off

Developed by Bubble Apps productivity tools, they provide the mechanism to limit screen time, phone usage, and provision for app blocking in just one app

REMOJO vs. StayFree

StayFree is an app that helps you detoxify yourself digitally to beat your addiction to your phone. It helps boost your self-control to reward you with better productivity – shows you how much time you spend on the apps, limits them, and reduces usage

REMOJO vs. EverAccountable

EverAccountable helps you quit and overcome porn through the act of accountability so you can experience freedom from the shame and guilt attached to this addiction

The Good & The Bad


  • A strong, safe software that helps you filter porn from the internet
  • Supports family sharing for up to six members
  • PIN protection against tamper, e.g., uninstallation
  • Added feature for a panic mode to help you stay strong
  • In-built courses from professionals to help you stay focused and motivate you
  • Feature to add an accountability partner who will be receiving alerts when you are about to fall into temptation
  • Ability to block pornographic content and cut off their sources


  • Incessant app crashes
  • Can block all data usages, which might result in no calls or texts
  • Some features might be incomplete
Remojo Review
  • Overall

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Current Deals

Best Alternative to Remojo

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