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Porn is an addiction more severe than many refuse to acknowledge. Due to the technology available to us, porn has never been more accessible.

The normalization of porn is another factor as to why porn addiction is so widespread. Many try to quit porn, but just do not know where to begin as far as internet filters or an accountable browser. We will review an accountability software called, Ever Accountable.

So How Do You Combat Porn Addiction?

The rapid growth of porn addiction calls for more innovative ways to stop it. Accountability software is an effective tool to have when trying to quit watching porn all together. What makes accountability software so unique and innovative is that everything you search will be viewable to a trusted friend or family member. The purpose of this is to mandate that you answer for your search history. If you cannot answer for your internet activity to a family member or friend, then you should not be searching that.

What is Ever Accountable?

Ever Accountable is an accountability software that mainly focuses on assisting individuals in quitting their porn addictions. The Ever Accountable browser targets families that want to prevent a possible porn addiction stemming, as well as those who are already struggling with porn addiction. Ever Accountable is not exclusive to one particular niche.  Here is my Ever Accountable review.

Porn Addiction Test Ever Accountable Review


  • Real Life Accountability
  • Restoration of Relationships
  • Affordable Pricing with Household Plan


  • Finding the right person to trust
  • Glitchy

How is Ever Accountable Different?

Porn Addiction Test Ever Accountable Review

What makes the Ever Accountable browser differ from other accountability softwares is the mere fact that Ever Accountable lets you do whatever you want online.

Usually accountability software filters porn out, but not Ever Accountable. Their web browser built, simply allows free range on the internet, but whatever you search will be documented and WILL be sent to a close friend or family member that you choose as your accountability partner in a weekly report. This also includes what you browse on your phone, as Ever Accountable covers mobile data access as well.

Ever Accountable’s purpose is requiring forces compliance in order to quit porn. If you have web filtration software, you do not have a choice if you want to watch porn. If you have the Ever Accountable browser downloaded, you have a choice whether or not to watch porn but it would result in a more severe consequence from your accountability partner.

Ever Accountable believes that beating your porn addiction when it is still available to you is a more effective way to quit.

Porn Addiction Test Ever Accountable Review

Pros of Ever Accountable

Real Life Accountability

The accountability partner you choose to have access to your search history will hold you accountable in your pursuit of quitting porn. Ever Accountable releases a weekly report of your internet history on the Ever Accountable browser, categorized by a red, yellow and green circle. Red indicates that what you searched heavily went against your objective, yellow indicates that your history may be moderately inappropriate and green means your browsing history is safe. Inappropriate content will be automatically flagged. Your accountability partner chosen will also have access to this weekly spreadsheet, and the consequences are dependent on that individual. 

Accountability partners can be found anywhere. Your Mom, Dad, close friend, boss, pastor or spouse fit the mold as far as accountability partners go. The majority of accountability partners are spouses to help heal relationships, but the person chosen must play a significant role in your life to the point where you wouldn’t want your accountability partners to view anything inappropriate on your default browser.

Restoration of Relationships

Another group that uses Ever Accountable are couples trying to restore trust in their relationship. Having a partner that has a porn addiction can be problematic. Watching porn sets unrealistic expectations in the bedroom and may cause you or your partner to be jealous. Ever Accountable fixes this by holding you accountable to your partner. Their app setting that releases weekly reports has been a feature that builds trust between couples.


As far as prices go for similar apps, Ever Accountable is very affordable. Ever Accountable has a couple options as far as billing goes. They offer two packages that include a monthly subscription or an annual one. Their most popular plan which is called the “Individual plan”, is $89 a year, or $7.41 a month. The individual plan covers one individual user, unlimited monitored devices, unlimited accountability partners and text and email alerts.

Ever Accountable also offers the “Household Plan”, which offers all of the account settings that the individual plan provides, except it covers everyone in your household and specialized child accounts. The price of the household plan is $119 a year, or $9.99 a month. All Ever Accountable subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime. The automatic renewal function may be seen as a con, but ultimately it is up to the user to keep on top of their paid subscriptions. The Ever Accountable browser does not require an applicable subscription fee to sign up.

Cons of Ever Accountable

Finding a Person To Trust

First and foremost, finding a person to admit your addiction to may be challenging. Porn is a “taboo” subject that is often left unspoken about. After clearing that potential hurdle, finding someone that will hold you accountable may be even more challenging, depending on your situation. Some people may not even understand why you want to quit watching porn, which potentially leads to them not handing out a proper consequence. 


The interface is simple and easy enough to navigate. Ever Accountable has a safari like interface, but the software does undergo some glitches despite updates and reinstallation. For instance, when I used it I noticed that after searching, the software itself would close out and I would end up back on my laptop’s homescreen. This has been a common problem with mobile devices as well. 


Despite the glitches here and there, the software itself is effective. No doubt that Ever Accountable is a premiere accountability app. It logs every bit of internet traffic on your device even when you are using private browsing mode. The weekly reports are clean and accurate. Many swear by Ever Accountable, and I would cosign that statement.

Ever Accountable Review
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