Best Accountability Software for iPhone 

Looking to break free from porn addiction or dependency?

Then accountability software might just be your best friend. This software can take temptation out of the equation by blocking just about any website you’d like blocked.

Let’s take a closer look at three of the best accountability softwares for iPhone/iOS. These apps can make the difference between success and failure if you’re trying to break free from porn addiction. 

What is accountability software?

First things first, though: what is accountability software?

It’s a type of software that monitors, reports, and/or blocks unwanted internet activity. 

Technically speaking, accountability software can be used for anything — including avoiding the dreaded YouTube vortex. But it’s also one of the best ways to keep yourself accountable as you recover from porn addiction or devote yourself to a NoFap streak.

Each accountability app works slightly differently from the next, which means that the best software for you might not be the best software for the next person. It all depends on your goals — why you’re installing accountability software in the first place.

Accountability software tends to work best when you have an actual accountability partner to keep you, well, accountable to your goals. This person will have access to your internet activity via whichever software you choose, so be sure to select a partner you trust and respect! Family members are often a great choice.

Once you’ve decided on which app to use you can simply download it on Google Play. Feel free to download different apps and play around with them as needed.

What to look for in an accountability app

If you’re looking for an iOS & Apple-friendly accountability app, there are a few key features you should be on the lookout for:

  • The ability to filter and/or block certain websites
  • The ability to report website visits
  • The ability to send screenshots
  • The ability to whitelist sites

Filtering/blocking websites

Any truly premium accountability software will come with the ability to filter and/or block websites. This allows you to make sites with explicit content all but impossible to access. Filtering software can also be used to cut down on unwanted screen time. How? By making it easy to place sites like YouTube, Reddit, Social media, etc. off limits!

Website reporting

This feature doesn’t block web addresses outright. Instead, it flags an accountability partner whenever an off-limit website is visited.

Screenshot sending

This feature is newer than the other two. While they help keep you accountable to others, this one also helps keep you accountable to yourself.

How? By taking regular screenshots of your device. These screenshots can then be sent back to you and/or to accountability partners.


Whitelisting is one of the simplest and best ways to recover from porn addiction. Instead of manually blacklisting unwanted sites one by one, whitelisting allows you to only view the sites you do want. Given just how much pornographic, hypersexualized content there is on the web, whitelisting is probably a pretty good idea.

All this said, let’s take a look at three of the best accountability software for all you iPhone users out there.

  • Covenant Eyes for iPhone
  • Accountable2You for iPhone
  • Canopy for iPhone

Covenant Eyes for iPhone

Covenant Eyes is an industry-leading accountability software designed to help you break free from pornography and porn-related content. Covenant Eyes works at its best when coupled with an accountability partner, though it’s still super useful if you’re going it alone.

Who is Covenant Eyes for?

Covenant Eyes is for anyone with an iOS device who wants to kick their porn addiction for good. It’s also for parents who want to protect their kids from the shadier parts of the internet.

Primary Features of Covenant Eyes

Regular screenshots

Covenant Eyes takes regular screenshots of your iPhone’s screen, then places the screenshots into forms to help keep you accountable.

Web content filtering

Covenant Eyes can filter out inappropriate websites with its sensitivity filter. This filter isn’t perfect, but it catches the vast majority of inappropriate content.

Time control

Covenant Eyes also allows users the opportunity to restrict any internet access for as much or as little time as they’d like.

This feature is great for those who want to kick their late-night phone use. It’s also great for parents who don’t like the idea of their kids being online unsupervised.

Multiple users

One feature that separates Covenant Eyes from other accountability apps is its ability to accommodate multiple users — with different settings — all on the same account. Covenant Eyes also accommodates multiple devices, allowing you to stay on the path regardless of whether you’re on your iPhone or Kindle or PC.

Uninstall alert

Covenant Eyes even makes uninstalling the app difficult. Doing so requires a code and sends an instant alert to accountability partners. No more simply uninstalling and reinstalling your accountability app!

Covenant Eyes: other stats

Covenant Eyes costs $15.99/month. That gives you access to an account with 10 users and unlimited devices.

Covenant Eyes can be installed on your Mac, iPhone, Chromebook, PC (it‘s compatible with Windows!), and/or android device.

Last but not least, Covenant has excellent customer support.

Accountable2You for iPhone

Accountable2You is another top accountability app that provides real-time guidance to those who need to switch up their internet usage.

Who is Accountable2You for?

A2U isn’t a pure blocking/filtering software like Covenant Eyes.

Instead, it reports your internet search patterns to accountability partners to keep you in check.

Primary Features of Accountable2You

Accountable2You can operate within either Chrome or Safari. It also pairs with iPhone devices (and Android devices, too).

A2U’s real-time reporting system lets your accountability partners get in touch with the user any time they’re struggling.

How does Accountable2You work?

The moment a user searches for “highly objectionable” content, the content gets flagged and a notification is sent to accountability partners via either text or email. These notifications are transmitted using highly secure TLS encryption.

Accountable2You: other stats

Accountable2You costs $7/mont for one person (max of 6 devices), or $12/month for a family plan (max of 20 devices).

Canopy for iPhone

Porn Addiction Test Best Accountability Software for iPhone 

Who is Canopy for?

Canopy is an accountability app designed to make the internet safer for you and your family. It’s able to block pornographic sites and filter out adult parts of virtually any site or app. All in all, Canopy is a great choice for individuals and families alike.

Primary features of Canopy

Canopy’s blocking and filtering software sets itself apart from the alternative. It’s able to identify inappropriate pictures and/or videos with impressive accuracy. It replaces these images with decidedly innocent white rectangles. Canopy can’t filter inside apps like Instagram – but neither can any other parental control app on the market right now. You can block these sites outright, though.

How does the Canopy app work?

Canopy’s proprietary scanning software can pick up inappropriate images on webpages and text messages. Its ability to prevent sexting makes it ideal for parents (or for grown men who are on NoFap/monkmode!).

Canopy app: other stats

The Canopy app can be downloaded from the app store on either iPhone or Android. Canopy has high standards when it comes to privacy. They don’t scan any of your info – just your pictures.

Canopy costs $7.99 per month for 3 devices, $9.99/month for 5 devices, and $15.99/month for 10 devices

Free accountability software

Looking to venture into accountability apps a little more slowly? Then you may want to take advantage of a free options like Pluckeye, FamilyShield, and X3Watch. These options may not be quite as bug-free as alternatives, but you never know!

Accountability software: summing things up

Accountability software is a vital part of quitting porn. Unless you plan to give up your phone entirely or have insane willpower, accountability apps make it possible to avoid backsliding even when times get tough. And even if you‘re farther along on your journey, accountability apps can still help you cut down your screentime! 

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