Migiri Porn Blocker Review

What is Migiri?

Migiri is an app designed to help anyone suffering from porn addiction.

This app gives you empirically-proven tools created by Clinical Psychologists to help you quit porn addiction, rather than just enforcing you not to watch porn like traditional porn blockers and accountability apps do.

In other words, Migiri provides you with the necessary tools to make the change and quit porn addiction, rather than naively enforcing you to change.

Porn Addiction Test Migiri Porn Blocker Review
Migiri Home Screen

Something also worth noting is that Migiri does not pretend to be a moral compass of any sorts when it comes to the topic of porn addiction, it simply wants to help those who are going through a problematic relationship with porn, and it does that without any moral strings attached. 

Migiri claims that they take privacy very seriously, they allow users to sign up using an alias email address so that no personal email address is stored on their end.

Additionally, no information related to your browsing activity is ever stored on Migiri’s end.

Who can use Migiri?

This app is for anyone looking to get rid of a porn addiction. Migiri claims that the app is designed for anyone who wants to quit porn addiction, regardless of gender, age and religious orientation if any. 

At the end of the day Migiri can be used by anyone who believes that porn is having a negative impact on his/her life: issues like deteriorated relationships with significant others, reduced productivity at work or inability to concentrate while studying.

Migiri Pricing 

You can try Migiri totally free for one full week. Once the week is over, access to Migiri is granted under a yearly payment of $119.99, representing less than $10 per month.

Migiri Features

Migiri relies on four main pillars to help people suffering from porn addiction:

Relapse Prevention Protocol

Migiri can detect if you try watching porn your browser (all the popular browsers are supported), even in Private mode. 

If you try watching porn, Migiri will block access to porn, and porn will not be shown, but that’s just the beginning of their Relapse Prevention Protocol. 

Because the urge to watch porn is still there, Migiri then takes you through an exercise to mitigate that urge to use porn. This exercise has been created by Clinical Psychologists and follows the R.A.I.N. technique (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Natural Awareness).

Whereas Relapse Prevention Protocols typically ask the client to fight the urge to indulge in negative behaviors, the R.A.I.N. technique instead teaches the client how to surf that urge.

Relapse Prevention Exercise

The exercise combines both animated visuals and a guided-audio exercise where the Psychologist takes the client through the technique.

Challenges (Sobriety Counter)

Running a marathon is easier if you focus on completing five kilometers at a time. Migiri offers progressive challenges around not watching porn to motivate you, and automatically tracks your progress towards them.

As you complete challenges, new challenges will be presented and if you relapse, even though your active challenge will fail, any previously achieved challenge will stay with you as a testimony of your previous achievements.

So there are challenges around 24 hours without porn, one week without porn, etc. What you get is a more tangible sense of progress and accomplishment while quitting porn addiction.

Porn Addiction Test Migiri Porn Blocker Review

Accountability Partner

Getting support from an accountability partner is a great way to quit porn addiction, and it keeps you accountable for your decisions. 

With Migiri, you can assign a person of your choice to be your accountability partner. Accountability partners get notified if you disable Migiri, so that they can reach out and provide you with support and distraction to keep your mind busy.

Also, when you complete challenges, Migiri notifies your accountability partner, so that you can celebrate your achievement together. 

To assign an accountability partner all you need is that person’s email address, there is no extra cost. Your accountability partner will be notified once you assign that person as the accountability partner.

Porn Addiction Test Migiri Porn Blocker Review
Accountability Partner

One-on-One Sessions

Sometimes, problematic porn use requires the help of a mental health professional, someone who can help you deep dive into the root of the issue, identify the stressors (stress, anxiety, depression…) behind the problem, and work through them to sort them out. 

Migiri offers One-on-One remote sessions with curated Psychologists specialized in porn addiction, to help you quit porn addiction. These One-on-One sessions are purchased independently and cost $60/session.

Porn Addiction Test Migiri Porn Blocker Review
One-on-One Sessions

Migiri Customer Reviews for iPhone:

Migiri requires an iOS 14.0 or later to run on the iPhone or iPad. It is available in English and Spanish, and has a download size of 40MB. It is rated 4.4 stars out of 5 in the apple app store.

Migiri vs BlockerX

BlockerX and other porn blockers simply block porn. Simply blocking porn does not solve problematic porn use, it simply pretends that it doesn’t exist. It is like hoping to lose weight by placing a lock on your refrigerator. Instead of just blocking porn, Migiri gives you the necessary tools to quit porn addiction.

Migiri vs Covenant Eyes

Accountability apps like Covenant Eyes only notify the accountability partner when things go wrong. Migiri notifies a person of your choice so that you can get that extra support, not only when things go wrong, but also when you complete a challenge around not using porn, because celebrating together is as important. 

On top of that, Migiri offers a Relapse Prevention Protocol, Challenges around not using porn and One-on-One sessions. 

Migiri vs Traditional Therapy

Traditional therapy is extremely expensive, ranging from $200 per session up to $1,000 per session. Migiri offers specialized sessions at affordable prices (as little as $60 per session), and you can join these sessions from the comfort of your cell phone, anywhere, anytime.

Migiri vs TalkSpace

TalkSpace and other online therapy services like BetterHelp and WorkItHeath only focus on general therapy. Migiri offers One-on-One sessions with Psychologists specialized in porn addiction, and combines them with the best of technology, including the Relapse Prevention Protocol, Challenges and Accountability Partner. What you get is more bang for the buck.

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