Famisafe Review

That is where the market for parental control apps has skyrocketed in the last decade.

Children with devices that have access to the internet are at risk of being exposed to very dangerous and harmful things.

Child predators, porn, cyber-bullying are some of the risks that children may be exposed to online.

Parental control apps completely shut that down and allow children to have a safe experience on their devices.

Parents that allow their children to have a device should have parental control software downloaded from an area of necessity.

FamiSafe is an option for parents searching for parental control software.

To preface this review, I have reviewed more than 10 softwares extensively and have downloaded FamiSafe in order to see what they have to offer.

My initial thought after going through it was that it is absolutely a fantastic option for parents.

What is FamiSafe?

FamiSafe is a parental control app that offers a wide range of features. Every single possible danger that is out there, FamiSafe prevents without issue. FamiSafe keeps a very close eye on your child’s digital device usage and allows you to control the phone from your own device, such as screen time.


FamiSafe automatically detects explicit and unviewable content for your children on their devices. When this happens, you will be alerted immediately of this occurrence. Real time location tracking is another feature on FamiSafe, allowing you to check your child’s location at all times.

This is a feature that allows parents to take a deep breath when they are not with their children, because they know where their child is at all times, giving the child a little bit more freedom.

Features of FamiSafe

Let’s take a deep dive into what FamiSafe offers besides the standard parental control features.

  • Daily report of your child’s device that includes every single action made on the device
  • Adds inappropriate websites and images to a blacklist
  • Deleted apps and browsing history made available to see
  • Screen time reports
  • Ability to limit and block apps
  • Notifications on all emails and texts received
  • Tracking of child’s past locations
Porn Addiction Test Famisafe Review

Ability to create safe zones in which you can set an area for your child to stay in This is what sets FamiSafe apart from most other parental control apps. Extensive daily reports are extremely hard to acquire with other softwares.

The primary feature the FamiSafe offers that sets them apart is the fact that it tracks all the deleted apps and searches, and will notify you that your child is trying to scrub this off of their phone, indicating that they know they probably should not be downloading or searching those things. These features keep you, the parent, in full control.

How Much is FamiSafe?

The cost of FamiSafe is what makes the particular software so intriguing. They offer 3 packages, all which are more affordable than other parental control softwares with similar features. Their 1 month package is $10.99 a month, their 3 month package is $20.99 and their annual plan (1 year) is $60.99.

Porn Addiction Test Famisafe Review

Compared to other parental control softwares, these packages are an amazing deal. Other softwares will charge anywhere from $15 to $35 a month for less features that FamiSafe offers. It is a fantastic deal that they offer and if you are a parent in the market for parental control software, you cannot go wrong with FamiSafe.


Out of the many parental control apps that I have downloaded and reviewed, FamiSafe is top 2. Now add the price of it, it would be hard not to choose FamiSafe over others. Your children’s safety is absolutely the most important concern for you as a parent and you would want to be confident that your child is having a safe experience on their devices, so I would 100% recommend downloading parental control software and am giving FamiSafe my co-sign unregrettably.

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