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With the internet 99% comprised of pornography, you might find it challenging to avoid nasty content that will warp your mind. If you find yourself spending too much time on adult websites or apps,  or if you’re in search of an adult blocker that works, or maybe you intend to keep your children away from adult content. 

Don’t worry! This is where BlockerX comes into play.

In this BlockerX review, we’ll introduce you to everything you need to know about it and how you can get the best out of it. 

What Is BlockerX?

BlockerX is a VPN-based porn-blocking and accountability software available in mobile, desktop, and browser versions. It can also serve as a parental control app by preventing kids from accessing adult content. 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that allows you to access the internet through a VPN provider’s server. A blocker based on this service ensures that your privacy is protected from cybercriminals and your internet service provider. A VPN-based blocker like BlockerX can block pornographic content on other platforms besides your browser.

In this app, porn/adult content websites are entirely restricted across all browsers, allowing you to avoid adult content on your device.

Who Can Use BlockerX?

As a parent, you can use this app to block adult content from websites or apps for the sake of your kids. If you’re a porn addict, this app can be helpful to abstain from your addictions. 

You can use this software to prevent you from uninstalling the app when the chances of relapsing are high via its password protection feature.

So, irrespective of what your situation might be, so long as you need an app to help you block unwanted websites or apps from your device, BlockerX has got you covered. 

Primary Features Of BlockerX

Below are the notable features BlockerX has to offer;

Porn Blocker

Many websites contain adult content, making it even easier for you to find. BlockerX will help you completely block them if you come across such websites. With the simple touch of a button, the porn blocker feature will ward off all forms of adult content. BlockerX takes porn blocking a step further as it can block pornographic content even on social media platforms like Facebook. This feature is available even in the free version of this software; awesome, right?

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

Parental Control

You can install the BlockerX app on your child’s phone to prevent them from accessing any inappropriate or adult content. You can also utilize the ‘prevent uninstall’ option to prevent your child from turning off the blocker. Here, a password will be required to uninstall the app from the mobile device.

App Blocker

BlockerX also includes the app blocker feature, which helps block distracting and time-consuming apps such as Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook. You can choose an app to block from the list of installed apps, and those apps will no longer be accessible once they have been blocked.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

Chrome Extension

BlockerX also has a feature that allows you to enable/disable adult content blocking on chrome. BlockerX accesses the content of the active window on your device via your browser’s API and utilizes it to block/filter pornographic content in real-time. Note that BlockerX for windows can block porn content on other browsers besides chrome.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

Accountability Partners

The journey to a clean and free mind from the addiction to porn can be daunting, and sometimes, one might give in to the temptations to give up. BlockerX has gone a step further to mitigate against this by providing the option to add an accountability partner who would be a trusted friend and ally who would help keep them in check to realize their goals.

Peer Support

The app has a nifty feature where users can connect with people who have recovered from the same condition or are also on their journey to recovery. It provides users an avenue to share stories and hints on what worked for them so that others can learn.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

Password Protection

The most prevalent issue with blocker apps is that one can easily switch them off, detracting the purpose of the blocker. There is a feature in BlockerX that prevents the blocker from being turned off. This feature generates an access code provided to a friend or family member who serves as an accountability partner.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

If you don’t enter the access code shared with your accountability partner, you won’t be able to turn off the blocker. This protection is a premium feature of the app. For instance, if you’re a parent, you’ll be asked to create a PIN, and the user will require this PIN to disable the blocker. Without the PIN, your child can’t turn off the blocker.

Does BlockerX Have A Trial Period?

BlockerX has a 3 day trial period where users can enjoy the whole experience of the app without paying. This 3 day trial period provides them an avenue to test the app after their subscription. However, if the user changes their mind and cancels their subscription before the 3 day trial period ends, they won’t be charged. 

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

BlockerX iPhone Review

BlockerX is compatible with iPhones starting with iOS 14.1 upwards. With more than 1 million downloads and having about a rating of 4.4 stars on the Apple Store, this app is globally recognized. Many iOS users using this app have shared positive remarks about the app. 

Furthermore, the app supports over 25 languages, which is quite versatile. In essence, it’s quite a useful app you’ll want to have installed on your iOS device. 

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

BlockerX Android Review

BlockerX is compatible with Android devices running 6.0 upwards. It has 45K+ 5-star ratings and over 1 million downloads on the official Google PlayStore. 

The remarks were very positive; no wonder it has a very high rating on the Google PlayStore. It also supports over 25 languages in its Android version, making it a very versatile app to have on your Android device.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

BlockerX Cost And Pricing

BlockerX is available on three major subscription plans: monthly, annual, and lifetime access plans. The annual plan costs $89.99 with 3-day free access, while the lifetime access comes at the cost of $179.99 with a 15-day money-back guarantee. A monthly plan at $14.99 is also available.

Porn Addiction Test BlockerX Review

Alternatives To BlockerX

BlockerX Vs. Qustodio 

Qustodio is an app that helps parents protect their kids online. The app helps monitor how they access the Internet, and protect against adult content, cyberbullying, and online predators. It supports both Android and iOs devices, making it widely accessible.

BlockerX Vs. Fortify

Fortify is a science-based recovery app that helps people quit pornography by providing extensive training, real-time data, and interactive support, allowing more people to achieve lasting happiness and love. The good thing about the app is that it’s also compatible with Android and iOS devices.

BlockerX Vs. Reboot

Another app you can use to overcome your porn addiction is the Reboot app. The Reboot app is based on the experiences of individuals who have successfully overcome their addiction to internet pornography. 

BlockerX Vs. Everaccountable

EverAccountable is another excellent tool that can help you quit pornography through accountability. EverAccountable will keep track of all the websites you visit and display a summary of all activity, suspicious activity, and black-listed activity so that your partner can quickly understand your online actions. 

In addition to tracking the amount of time you spend browsing, this software reports the amount of time you spend using other apps.

BlockerX Vs. Covenant Eyes 

Covenant Eyes is an app that runs on both Android and iOS devices that helps you keep track of your online activities and send accountability reports to the person of your choice. With this app, you can get rid of your porn addictions and other unwanted websites and apps you intend to block.

BlockerX Vs. Bulldog Blocker

Bulldog Blocker is a simple internet filter that is very easy to use.  It cuts off the user’s access to pornographic websites so they can feel great about themselves and cultivate better relationships, ultimately increasing their passion for life. 

The Good & The Bad

There are always pros and cons in every app that exists. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the BlockerX app below;


  • Easy user-interface
  • No subscription is required for blocking porn sites
  • Blocks unwanted websites and apps with ease
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and PC devices
  • Great for parental control
  • Blocks pornographic content even while browsing incognito


  • Performs better on iOS

How Do You Use BlockerX? 

To use BlockerX, all you need to do is to download the app from the app stores that support your device, sign up with your details, pick a subscription plan, and the app would walk you through the filtering, accountability, peer support, tamper-proof and the many features of the app.

What Is The Best Porn Blocking App? 

There are various apps on the market helping people with addiction to porn. However, they all have different modes of operation that would suit everybody differently depending on the severity of the condition. 

Is BlockerX App Good?

BlockerX is a good app compatible with a wide range of Android and iOS devices. If you have been searching for an app that can block unwanted websites and apps for you, then BlockerX has got you covered. Apart from the fact that it’s a porn blocking app, it’s an excellent parental control app. 

How Do I Cancel My BlockerX Subscription?

It’s pretty easy to cancel your BlockerX subscription anytime or stop auto-renewals by reaching out to the customer support provided in the app or writing to them at

BlockerX Review
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